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Thomas F.Anglero


Feb 16 2019

Thomas Anglero quoted in USA Today, “Elon Musk and artificial in

USAToday published an article quoting a Tweet I made on the beneficial innovation read more

Dec 10 2018

Podcast: “This New Year is all about you!”

This episode of the "Soul of Innovation" podcast is all about how to make next year the year all about you! I share stories about how I set a goal to play a saxophone and failed!   Along the

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Dec 3 2018

Celebrating “you” is the most important thing you can do f

Too often we forget to celebrate moments in life that we achieved something. We tell ourselves that we are waiting for the read more

Nov 18 2018

Podcast: “It was an honour serving for you!” humbled by pr

Last week, I was in Berkeley, California (USA) and I met two military veterans who changed my life perspective on what it means to "serve people".  In short, they told me that they were honoured to r

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Sep 17 2018

Podcast: Become a great leader by learning to talk to people

Over the past week, I have been speaking in 3 workshops with leaders on personal innovation, change and disruption.  What is coming and what to do about it.  Each group of leaders suffered from the

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Sep 2 2018

Podcast: Students don’t trust oil executives at the 2018 ONS con

I just came back from the 2018 ONS conference in Stavanger, Norway.  ONS is the 2nd largest Oil & Gas conference in the world with the CEOs and top executives fro

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