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ThomasF. Anglero

Thomas F. Anglero

Speaking Topics


“Thomas Anglero is one of the most motivating speakers alive”.  Thomas Anglero taps into the hearts of audiences throughout the world by being himself and sharing his stories of overcoming impossible odds and then teaches everyone to instantly do the same.

Thomas is role model that doesn’t let you leave until you are committed to improving yourself, for yourself and by yourself.

We all have passion, its life’s events that have held us back.  Let go of your insecurities, ignore fear, don’t let life and others hold you back…Fulfill your destiny NOW!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is every where.

What role will you and your company take now?  Will you utilize AI? How? When? With whom?

Thomas Anglero has been consulting on AI strategies for years to public and private companies.  Learn about what other companies have done and who have not done anything and why not.

Learn who is your next competition and why there are so many of them.  Businesses need to understand the technology, how it can help and, how it will be used to disrupt them.  Learn, experience and get advice to your specific challenges.

Disruption is the Norm

Disrupt or be disrupted is the norm. Does your leader group function well now? If not, Thomas Anglero specializes in getting leaders to lead, once again.  Disruption becomes a battle cry in your organization, not something to fear!

Become motivated, inspired and energized to elevate your organization into a culture driven by leadership and confidence in technological disruption.

Lock the door and let Thomas Anglero reinvigorate you and your leaders before a competitor does it for you (an then its too late)!


Thomas Anglero has been the Director of Innovation for some of the largest public and private companies in Europe with an incredible reputation of cultural innovation.  He has founded 2 startups and over 25 years of international experience in taking risks.

Do you want to know what it takes to succeed? Do you know how much it will cost you and your organization?  How long or how quick it can happen.  Learn from someone who has been doing it his whole life all over the world and is addicted to the risk.

Coaching Champions

Thomas Anglero has been a basketball coach since 1997. He has won several championships along the way but his philosophy of teaching about succeeding in life through the game of basketball is his his secret.

Learn how you can convert your team into champions.  Learn how to inspire, build trust, and motivate people to go beyond their own limitations.

Learn to create champions!

From Rags to Riches

Thomas Anglero was raised in the ghettos of the Lower East Side of NYC. It transformed and inspired him to be more then what society expected of children from poor minority families. The poverty of possibilities inspired him to be more.

Thomas Anglero’s story of overcoming incredible odds, racial hatred and self doubt will inspire you and your organization to live life to the fullest, right here, right now!