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Thomas F. Anglero

Speaking Topics

Artificial Intelligence and Future Tech

Learn how AI and future technologies are transforming every aspect of your life, at home and especially, at work. You and your business needs to understand how to leverage it, where and how to start, and what’s a disruptive strategy.

Learn how your success lies in your customers experience, not the technology.  This is a new huge opportunity for you, your company and the future.


Thomas has been the Director of Innovation for the Norwegian Tax Authorities and most recently, IBM Norway.  Thomas Anglero shares his wisdom on how to innovate no matter the situation, size or location of your company or yourself.

Thomas’s famous high energy story telling lifts the confidence of the listeners to jump at taking on new risk, making old fears irrelevant and revealing the innovative talents you have within you.

Do you want to know what it takes to be innovative?


We all have passion, its life’s events that have held us back. I will share stories of how to overcome these same life challenges.

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Thomas F. Anglero

High Energy, Spontaneous, and Powerful

Thomas F. Anglero is one of the most exciting and sought after public speakers in the Nordic countries. He is an expert in “the new culture challenges that comes with the AI revolution”, innovation, teaching disruption to executives, and artificial intelligence’s effect on people, society and businesses. In 2017,

Thomas key-noted at over 70+ conferences to over 35,000+ people and consulted to executive leader groups and government officials throughout the Nordics and Europe.Thomas F. Anglero is a 20+ year entrepreneur and the Director of Innovation for IBM Norway.

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Thomas F.Anglero

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Motivational video: Technology vs Humans (You win!)

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Nokios conference (2017) with Thomas Anglero

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Oslo Business Forum 2017, Thomas F. Anglero

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"The combative future of technology" boxing match

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Fascinating IBM Watson/artificial intelligence presentation: NHH Symposium '17 (Thomas F. Anglero)

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ATEA CEO, Steinar Sønsteby and Thomas F. Anglero, Director of Innovation, IBM Norway

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This is not future-based. This is happening right now!


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