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THOMAS ANGLERO is one of the most exciting and sought-after public speakers in Europe. Thomas is an expert in disruptive innovation and artificial intelligence like chatGPT.  He has also authored a book on AI.

Thomas is best known for his life-changing motivational speeches and podcasts. He is consistently receiving messages from people globally thanking him for changing and improving their lives.

Thomas is the Nordic CTO and Innovation Officer for Cognizant with 30 years of technology experience in the public and private sectors.


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AI Ethics Public Speaker


After a lifetime of taking risks and excelling in uncomfortable situations, I am infatuated with motivating people to be that ultimate version of themselves. I’ve learned to touch people’s hearts by being vulnerable and sharing my stories of overcoming impossible odds, negativity, and self-doubt.  My stories have helped thousands of people around the world to a better life.

How? Let go of your insecurities, ignore your fears, don’t let your life and other people hold you back.

My style is direct, energetic, transparent, and honest. If you want to truly change, I will help you to fulfill your destiny.


Do you want to transform your company into an innovative machine?  Do you want to understand the challenges of innovation in the public and private sector?  Innovation is a topic that is only learned by experience and risk.

I am the Nordic CTO and Innovation Officer at Cognizant and the former Nordic Director of Innovation for IBM, and the former Director of Innovation for the Norwegian Tax Authorities.  Innovation costs, and it is an art form.

Let me teach you and your company how innovation has been created in different industries and then explain how you can be innovative using today’s technologies, cultural trends, and soft skills.

Everyone wants to be innovative.  Today, it is possible, and actually necessary.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, but what is it?  How can it help you?  How do you benefit from it?  The answers are simple to understand and to explain, no matter the industry or audience.

Let me explain what role you and your company can take to be leaders in your industry with AI.  How to benefit from AI tools like ChatGPT.  How to train your people to be more innovative without the use of technical tools.

I have been mentoring AI strategies with executives, investors, universities, etc., for years.  Let me expertly and simply explain what and why other companies have done successfully with AI, which companies have not leverage AI and discuss a specific plan for you or your attendees.

Your business people need to be comfortable understanding AI technology and the new business models that come with this change.  Ignore this moment, and you will experience first-hand how AI will disrupt you as well.

Our Best Testimonials

“Thomas, your presentation to the 1300 employees in TechnipFMC was truly inspirational! You made us laugh and you made us reflect on what really matters to us – in a way that will guide us to improve and make a difference. Thank you!”… Lars Ole Bjørnsrud, Sr. Manager, Communications Europe Region and Communications Digital at TechnipFMC

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Intro to Artificial Intelligence

Published Books

I wrote this book for you regardless of the life challenges you are experiencing now or have experienced.  This book is written to explain to you how you can benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I have spent my life reflecting on overcoming insurmountable challenges and obstacles. You will benefit from my adversity, and I will benefit from knowing I have shared everything I can about not letting anyone or anything – including A.I. – stop you from succeeding.

Most technology people see the world as data first. I see the world as people first and data second, maybe third. My perspective is weird, given I am a Mechanical Engineer with 25 years of technology experience. However, my most profound revelation is that the deeper I go into technology, the more I see the importance of self-reflection, which makes a difference in how you benefit from technology. Understanding this concept is the premise of this book.

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