I am Thomas F. Anglero, one of the most requested motivational and inspirational speakers globally and an expert in innovation and artificial intelligence.  Combining these two areas and 25 years of IT experience makes me unique throughout the world.

My background inspires me

I came from a low-income family living in the ghettos of the Lower East Side of NYC.  At the age of 10, I vowed to be more than my environment expected.  At 13, against all odds, I attended the prestigious private Hackley School on a full scholarship.  This lifted my body out of the ghetto and my mind toward my destiny.

Today, I am a highly-acclaimed public speaker and the Nordic CTO and Innovation Officer for Cognizant responsible for bringing innovative thinking to all Cognizant clients in the Nordics and Europe. I am on the board of some innovative startups.

I’ve founded two startups in Norway and Serbia and am a 10x Basketball Championship coach in Norway and one European Championship which I am proud of because the boys played to their full potential while the world was watching.  Absolutely impressive!

Contact me to share my energy and experience with your next incredible event.

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