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“Hi Thomas, thanks for spreading light and beauty to my life…your voice clears my mind from negative thoughts…listening to you changes my attitude…I love your podcast and your public speaking. Go forth and spread light and beauty, written with love, Vebjørn Kristvik”

Thomas Anglero has been producing the Soul of Innovation podcast since 2015 and regularly receives emails and videos from fans from all over the world.

Vebjørn Kristvik Testimonial

Vebjorn Kristvik
Vebjørn Kristvik

Avid Podcast Listener of the Soul of Innovation podcast

“Hi Mr. Thomas, I have been listening to your podcasts on Spotify every day, and the impact you brought to my life is beyond imagination.  I have made some progress based on your advice..” Mr. Geneya is a long-time listener to Soul of Innovation podcast which is streamed on Spotify, Apple iTunes, and Google Play as well as other podcast platforms. The Soul of Innovation podcast is recorded every week by Mr. Thomas F. Anglero no matter where he travels around the world.

Gihon Gebeya Testimonial

Oslo Business Forum Don'T Settle For Less, Thomas Anglero Podcast
Gihon Gebeya

An Avid and passionate podcast listener to the Soul of Innovation podcast

Thomas F. Anglero is a renowned public speaker who motivates, energizes, and connects with audiences across the world. With a remarkable personal journey that has seen him launch two start-ups, coach a championship basketball team, and become an executive at a global technology company