Thomas F. Anglero


“Thank you so much Thomas:)

Have you gotten any feedback on your interview?  We are gathering nice feedback to motivate the team here.  I got a message from the Proff. at UIO (University of Oslo) that they used your interview to teach the students about challenging situations and the next of kin.  You are already making a huge difference for people with your story!”

Jimmy Westerheim 150x150 1
Jimmy Westerheim

Founder of The Human Aspect

“Hi Thomas, I heard your great discussion with Richard Quest (CNN) at The Oslo Business Forum a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by your energy!”

Kjersti Aass 150x150 1
Kjersti Aass

Board Member, Sustainability Development Director, Yara International ASA

“Yes Thomas-this is so true. 💯. Thanks 🙏🏽 Great to see that you are continuing with these podcasts in 2019. Your voice is so powerful; we need more people to hear both your voice, and your clever words. Keep it up!👊🏾”

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Øyvind Egaas Stenberg

Co-Founder & CEO hos Aquasolis Global AS

“Dear Thomas! Thank you for an incredibly inspiring talk and evening yesterday with JCI Innovation. I think all members and guest present have connected with your stories. Stories and values that are so important to convey, especially because we are working with rebuilding our culture within JCI Norway. For me personally your message has definitely been a life saver.”

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Nora Gamst

Passionate People Developer | Trainer | Analytic Health Care Manager | Big-Picture Thinker / University of Oslo

“Hi Thomas, amazing and inspiring speech today! You are AWESOME! 😁”

Tobias Vehus 150x150 1
Tobias Vehus

Sales Consultant SATS

“Hi Thomas,

thanks for spreading light and beauty to my life…your voice clears my mind from negative thoughts…listening to you change my attitude…I love your podcast and your public speaking

Go forth and spread light and beauty
written with love
Vebjørn Kristvik”

Vebjorn kristvik 150x150 1
Vebjørn kristvik

Thomas F. Anglero is a renowned public speaker who motivates, energizes, and connects with audiences across the world. With a remarkable personal journey that has seen him launch two start-ups, coach a championship basketball team, and become an executive at a global technology company