Thomas F. Anglero


“Hi Thomas, I like to thank you for your presence at the Copaco Event in The Netherlands.

Your presentation was very successful. Everybody was very positive and surprised by your presentation…even your colleagues.

We have received the first requests from partners about how they can book you for their events…so you have made some impression.”

Bob Dielis Testimonial

Bob Dielis Testimonial About Thomas Anglero
Bob Dielis

Senior Account manager, Copaco Nederland B.V.

“We had the pleasure of having Thomas on our Arendalsuka panel, discussing the future of digital health.

Thomas is a great and passionate speaker and knows how to lighten up the debate. His opening statement included interesting viewpoints, created a good interaction, and sharpened the debate.”

Wencke van der Meijden Testimonial

Wencke Van Der Meijden Testimonial About Thomas Anglero
Wencke van der Meijden

Head of Health at KPMG Norway

The program leader for the podcast MediaPuls.no says of Thomas Anglero’s speaking abilities to live audiences during a live podcast recording and live-stream:  “I love you, #ThomasAnglero… Softest, finest, coolest nerdAlmost lost for words …”

Hans-Petter N. Hansen Testimonial

Hans-Petter N. Hansen Testimonial About Thomas Anglero
Hans-Petter N. Hansen

Program leader for podcast MediaPuls.no

“WOW, how great is that I have had the pleasure to listen to Thomas before and he is truly 1 of the most engaging presenters I have had the pleasure to listen to.”

Geir Christian Lysberg Testimonial

Geir Christian Lysberg Testimonial About Thomas Anglero
Geir Christian Lysberg

Country Director of Sales, Large Nordic Hotel Group

The Consultant Manager at Altran AS says the following about Thomas Anglero’s presentation in Helsinki, Finland:

“Hi Thomas! …you’re a great presenter (with a tough, Norwegian, sleepy, finnishesque crowd). I’m trained in presenting myself, so I’m really fucking picky on who I compliment.”

Per Kristian Haakonsen Testimonial

Per Kristian Haakonsen Testimonial About Thomas Anglero
Per Kristian Haakonsen

Consultant Manager at Altran AS

From a Tech Mahindra event, “It was great to hear you ! and learn about the change and transformation which digital technologies are bringing to our lives. The impact the new generation is bringing to the world using AI and machine learning.”

Richa Rai Testimonial

Richa Rai Testimonial About Thomas Anglero
Richa Rai

Assistant Vice President - Strategic Business & Partnership

Thomas F. Anglero is a renowned public speaker who motivates, energizes, and connects with audiences across the world. With a remarkable personal journey that has seen him launch two start-ups, coach a championship basketball team, and become an executive at a global technology company