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Podcast: Tribe – Disrupting the global insurance industry and it’s secrets

In this June 2018 episode of the Soul of Innovation podcast, I was fortunate to interview with the co-founder and CEO of Tribe insurance, Henrik Nygård Sjølie.  Henrik is one of those young CEOs whose vision and energy immediately tells you that Tribe is going to be a big deal in the near future and will redefine how the once boring industry once called, insurance.

Soul of Innovation / Interview with Tribe CEO

Soul of Innovation podcast

The podcast begins a few minutes into the interview and we jump straight into why would a Norwegian startup take on all the dominant multi-billion dollar insurance companies and what does it take to do that.  We talk about how are people being over charged and what to do about it.  We talk about how to save money.  We talk about everything you need to know if you’re thinking about doing a startup and taking on the big guys!

We cover so many great topics and Henrik holds nothing back, including how he financed his vision and what are their plans in the future!  Henrik is awesome and I hope you enjoy our wonderful talk!

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Thomas Anglero

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