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Podcast: Become a great leader by learning to talk to people

Over the past week, I have been speaking in 3 workshops with leaders on personal innovation, change, and disruption.  What is coming and what to do about it.  Each group of leaders suffered from the same problem, lack of confidence and insecurity about themselves.

The crisis we are about to face is not a financial crisis; it’s a crisis of leadership—a crisis of personal innovation.  People have become so accustomed to making good salaries without risk anything and getting rewarded for everything so much so that they are lost when they actually have to think a new thought.  It is actually impossible.

The art of leadership is almost dead.  The art of managing people is thriving and killing leadership.  Who fault is this?  Yours!  What would have happened if your parents never corrected you as a child when you did something wrong? You would be the person many people are today, with no heart for caring for people, no empathy for others, and solely focused on your individualistic needs.

During this podcast, I focus on your specific personal inadequacies that stop you from receiving love and creating all the toxic relationships and thoughts that define your life.  This podcast is raw, and that’s the way it should be.  Otherwise, I would fail at loving you enough to care.

Enjoy; it’s brutal and profound.

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