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Thomas F. Anglero

Thomas F. Anglero is a renowned public speaker who motivates, energizes, and connects with audiences across the world. With a remarkable personal journey that has seen him launch two start-ups, coach a championship basketball team, and become an executive at a global technology company, Thomas has a wealth of expertise and inspiring stories to share with audiences of all types.

Born to a Puerto Rican family in an impoverished neighborhood of New York’s Lower East Side, Thomas overcame many obstacles to achieve academic and athletic excellence. He attended the elite Hackley School on a full scholarship, where he was named Student-Athlete of the Year and captain of the basketball team. He went on to graduate from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and later became Director of Innovation at a leading tech corporation before taking up his current role as the Nordic Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Cognizant.

Throughout his career, Thomas has become a highly sought-after speaker on the latest breakthroughs in innovation and technology, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence and its potential to positively impact the lives of ordinary people. He has delivered keynote addresses for globally-recognized organizations such as the European Union, World Trade Organization, World Government Summit, and IBM, as well as hundreds of other corporate events, university seminars, and special gatherings. Drawing from his multicultural education and global career, along with his extensive speaking experience, he builds authentic connections with audiences from various backgrounds and experience levels.

In 2022, Thomas became a published author with his first book, Intro to Artificial Intelligence and How to Benefit From it. He is also a podcast host and has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by IESE Business School – Univ. of Navarra (Barcelona, Spain).

Whether speaking to a small group or a large audience of thousands, Thomas captivates audiences with his high-energy, thought-provoking, and emotionally resonant presentations. He has a natural talent for simplifying complex concepts and tailoring his message to different audiences and has a proven track record of moving, motivating, and galvanizing people to action. If you’re looking for a speaker who can inspire your audience and bring your event to life, look no further than Thomas F. Anglero.