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Thomas F. Anglero

Thomas F. Anglero is one of the most exciting and sought-after public speakers in Europe and the Nordic countries. He is an expert in the new culture challenges that arise with artificial intelligence, innovation, and disruptive business models, and is a sought-after mentor for leaders.

Thomas has keynoted at over 400+ global conferences and consulted with leader groups and governments in the Nordics, Middle East, and Europe.

Thomas is best known for his motivational speeches that touch audiences and have inspired changes from executives to young students.  Thomas’s high energy is contagious and inspirational.

Whether speaking to a small group or a large audience of thousands, Thomas captivates audiences with his high-energy, thought-provoking, and emotionally resonant presentations. He has a natural talent for simplifying complex concepts and tailoring his message to different audiences and has a proven track record of moving, motivating, and galvanizing people to action. If you’re looking for a speaker who can inspire your audience and bring your event to life, look no further than Thomas F. Anglero.